Member Spotlight: Amy Bradley

Do you remember your first experience with CrossFit?

As vividly as anyone would remember a near death experience! It was Friday, August 9th at 5 a.m. My friend, Pam, had asked me to go with her as a "battle buddy". I struggled through everything for the first two weeks -- I couldn't even do a squat! I always felt so great after the workout -- an endorphin-induced
delirium, I think, but it kept me coming back for more.

How many times per week do you attend 618 CrossFit?

Five. Monday through Friday. I've considered coming in on Saturdays, but every time I read the workout I change my mind :) But now that the holidays are over, I'm gonna throw in some Saturdays, too!

What time of day do you attend 618 CrossFit?

5 a.m. crew for life!

What is your favorite post-WOD meal?

Breakfast is pretty much the same every day, a whole grain English muffin, egg white and turkey sausage sandwich.

What is your profession or daily responsibility?

Operating room nurse. I assist in surgery.

How has CrossFit helped improve your lifestyle?

I love hiking and kayaking; I have much more endurance now

How has Crossfit helped improve your work life?

Being stronger, in general, has helped me not be so sore after a day of being "scrubbed in" to long cases -- especially ones that aren't always so ergonomically friendly

What accomplishments are you most proud of (outside or inside of the gym), and what are some future goals?

CrossFit has been part of a lifestyle change that started one year ago. Just getting out of a bad place and taking care of myself again has been a struggle, but I'm glad I did it instead of giving up. My goals are to
travel and experience everything the world has to offer, and I want to look and feel my best while doing it.

What is your favorite thing about 618 CrossFit?

The people, fore sure! From day 1, everyone has been so supportive and uplifting. Even though I felt like I couldn't do anything well, everyone's positive attitudes and kind words kept me going.