Open Gym Policies

We created open gym because we’re here during the day even when classes aren’t going on. Open gym is best used for accessory work or recovery, things that benefit and improve daily CrossFit classes workouts that will not hinder your day-to-day progress.

We have strict rules about Open Gym. Not adhering to our policies will result in denying you access:

1. Only available for Unlimited or Student memberships. You must have a membership to participate, no drop-ins.
2. We cancel it anytime we want for any reason without notice. 
3. If you’re holding us accountable to getting you results, then show up to CrossFit classes and do CrossFit classes workouts. We will not let you skip group class regularly in favor of open gym.
4. Open gym is ONLY scheduled in the middle of the day. Any additional skill work during scheduled class times may be requested but is at the coach's discretion. 
5. Clean dirty equipment, and put all equipment away. The penalty burpees are harsh, so don’t make us clean up after you.
6. At the core, we are a CrossFit gym; avoid training at high intensity with movements unfamiliar to you, avoid doing a higher level knowing the coach would want you to do a lower level scaling, and adhere to CrossFit methodology and movement standards. Integrity is key to maintain our fun, respectful community environment. It’s best that you do not do a full-blown workout during open gym if you have not been a member for at least 3 months.